Print Scotland appoints Susan Carr of CV Labels and Lex Kellett of CCL Design as new Board members

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Print Scotland, the trade association and voice of Scotland’s graphic communication industry, has appointed two new members to its Board.

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Susan Carr of CV Labels

The accession to the board of Susan Carr, sales director of Irvine-based CV Labels, which specialises in pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare labelling, and Lex Kellett of CCL Design, a global supplier of labels for electronics, automotive and industrial applications which operates from East Kilbride, has been welcomed by Print Scotland president, Susan Graham. Mrs. Carr said:

I am delighted to have joined the board of Print Scotland. With 21 years in the sector I was conscious that the label printing sector was not represented on the Print Scotland board and was keen to address that.

Our family-owned business has been active throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, producing labels for test kits. We deal with many pharmaceutical companies across the UK and our business is growing year on year.

As the only label manufacturer in Scotland with PS9000, an accreditation which defines specific requirement and guidance for good manufacturing practice relating to packaging materials for medicinal products, we have a unique selling point. Our business was established in 1989 and over the years we have developed a portfolio of innovative labelling solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

My focus at Print Scotland will be in encouraging its already extensive efforts to attract apprentices into our industry. This is vital for our collective future and is the principal reason CV Labels joined some years ago. We currently have two apprentices who are doing well and have had a positive impact on our business.

Lex Kellett of CCL Design

Mr Kellett, who has spent the past 11 years there and is CCL Design’s worldwide director with responsibility for its global supply chain, said he believed it was the right time to join the board, partly as a means of giving back, and also to bring a different approach, and a global perspective, to the print industry in Scotland. He said:

Like Susan, I thought the voice of the labelling sector was missing from Print Scotland and I am pleased that this has now been strengthened significantly.

We joined Print Scotland as a result of its leading-edge approach to attracting young people into print. We currently have two apprentices, one of whom, Robby McCann, was a recent award winner, and we hope to hire many more in future.

CCL Industries is the world’s largest label business and since CCL Design undertakes work for electronics and medical device customers, inevitably had a busy Covid period when demand for laptops, network infrastructure and field hospitals soared. Lex added:

We have a sister business in Wiltshire which produces membrane keypads, again, vital for the medical sector and in great demand in 2020 and 2021 for field hospitals and ventilators. We also manufacture anti-counterfeit measures for consumer facing and technical parts of products, which provides multi-layered protection against high value electronic counterfeits.

As to the future of Print Scotland, there are a great many positives which we need to develop further, and a gearing-up of our apprenticeship programme is key.

There are lots of challenges coming up, so member businesses will need help in such important areas as sustainability, the plastic tax, and greater global pressures having an impact on supply chains.

I believe we have the right people on the Print Scotland board and I hope we can continue improving our diversity. The Collective synergy is good and everyone is working well together.

Print Scotland President, Susan Graham said:

I am confident that Susan and Lex will make a significant contribution to Print Scotland. They are wholly dedicated to serving the best interests of our members in ensuring a bright and prosperous future for our industry.

Print Scotland provides training for Modern Apprentices through the Scottish Training Scheme, which provides a grant from the Scottish Government to cover the cost of the training. It also provides a range of Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) as well as Modern Apprenticeship (MA) certification.

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