A few comments from some of the Print Scotland Apprentices

Print Scotland

I really enjoy being a print apprentice and learning new skill every day. I also like seeing all the different jobs and specifications that come through the door each day.

It’s very satisfying when you reach a stage where you can run jobs by yourself.

Hayden Edgar
Machine Printing Apprentice, ALBA printers

Print Scotland

When I became an apprentice I didn’t know much about the industry but I’ve learned a lot including how important the products are to other companies and industries.

My greatest achievement to date was designing, printing and finishing all of a new customers material from start to finish where else can you be that involved in the different processes.

Robert Simpson
Pre-Press Apprentice, Minuteman Press

Print Scotland

The printing industry is much closer knit than anywhere I’ve worked before and you are actually able to grow strong relationships with those you work with and for that matter anyone in the industry.

My main achievement is that I’m trusted to work alone and to achieve a high level of quality.

Joe Birchall
Pre-Press Apprentice, Allander Print

Print Scotland

I enjoy being an apprentice as we all get to work as a close team. It can be a challenging job but also very rewarding. You sometimes have to think outside the box.

My main achievement has been getting to learn different parts of the Print Trade including printing, Finishing, Admin as well as despatch.

Louise Docherty
Print Admin apprentice, Bell & Bain

Print Scotland

I enjoy being an apprentice as I’m part of a unique and truly diverse trade. You learn about the various process from book binding to foil blocking.

My main achievement as an apprentice is being entrusted to run some big expensive pieces of kit and learn complex machines and processes.

James McCredie
Print Finishing, Apprentice, Bell & Bain